"Pundravci" is the result of the creativity of two moms: Jelena, speech therapist and educator and Ivana, language teacher and Montessori educator.

After 10+ years of working with children, we summarized our experience in the "Pundravci" drop-in daycare.

Our philosophy is simple: free play, socialization and quality, carefully selected content.


Drop-in daycare

The "Pundravci" drop-in daycare is a place where you can bring your child at any time from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and make sure that the child is in a safe, pleasant and creative environment.

Creative workshops are held daily in Pundravci, divided into four areas: art, book reading, sports and music.

In our drop-in daycare lives a tribe of forest Pundravci: Raccoon Willy, Bear Leon, Fox Smilja and Lion Kogo, who take children on creative adventures.

Raccoon Willy is in charge of the sports games.

Bear Leon reads books to children, teaches them to think up and tell stories.

Fox Smilja plays piano, xylophone and flute and takes the children on a musical journey.

Lion Kogo paints beautifully and with him children draw, sculpt, paint, make collages...

Come along too, let's play!



Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there are thematic workshops held by professionals in their fields in the "Pundravci" drop-in daycare. Some of the workshops in progress are:

Rock music workshop for children

T-Shirt Painting Workshop

Comic Workshop

Workshop for making biscuits and cupcakes

Eco Workshop: planting plants

and many other...

Get informed about the content and date of the next workshop on our Facebook and Instagram profiles.



If you and your child want a creative and unusual birthday celebration, "Pundravci" is the right place for you.

The standard themes we offer are: Superheroes, Forest Realm, Little Scientist, Princesses and Unicorns, Space Flight, Mermaids and Dinosaurs.

In agreement with you, we can organize other topics or you can choose one of our thematic workshops.



Price per hour: 500 RSD

10 hour package: 4 300 RSD

20 hour package: 8 000 RSD

30 hour package: 11 500 RSD

Unlimited monthly package: 23 900 RSD

(10% discount for the second/third child)

Half day (4h) package on working days (Mon-Fri): 11 000 RSD/month

Full day (8h) package on working days (Mon-Fri): 18 000 RSD/month

Sleepover (workshop+dinner+party+breakfast): 4 500 RSD


Babysitting (8-12 months old babies):

Price per hour: 600 RSD

20 hours package: 11 000 RSD

30 hour package: 16 000 RSD

4 hours a day Mon-Fri: 18 000 RSD/month

Unlimited monthly baby package: 30 500 RSD/month


Birthday party:

Basic package (decoration, animation, juices and canapés): 18 000 RSD

All Inclusive package (decoration, animation, juices, canapés, pizza, cake): 29 000 RSD




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